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Contact Relationship ManagementGetting lost in a maze of contacts?

Could your business profit from managing your customer base more efficiently? Would you like to establish lasting and meaningful relationships? With Creative Vision Relationship Builder® these goals can be realized.

Creative Vision Relationship Builder®

Creative Vision Relationship Builder® will be the foundation for your business. This software suite leverages the power of multiple stand alone applications melded into one. It is available as an Ecrm, Ebusiness, or Web based CRM. Quality Customer relationship management is the key to customer retention and larger profits.

  • Increased productivity and sales can happen by using our Custom software!
    Our software will save employees time, improve productivity, and provide you a way to track your
    marketing strategy.
  • Single user, multi user and Web based solutions.
    We have a solution whether you are small, medium or large company. With over 18 years business
    management experience we will be an asset to your company. Many of our solutions are based on
    our current and previous business experience.
  • The software will create your sale people's "Call Reports" for them.
    They just enter the information for each customer contact and the Call Reports are just a click away.

Your contact information does not leave when your reps leave. Instead it is stored in our Customer Database. Too many times when a salesperson leaves a company he takes most of the valuable customer information and ALL of the working deals information. Many times all you are left with are incomplete sales reports. Now you can have complete customer and prospect data, notes, proposals and other information stored in our database.

Know every working deal and the current "stage of the sale" for all reps with our sales funnels. The sales manager will know every deal that each sales person is working on and where the deal stands. The sales manager or marketing manager will also be able to assign leads and phone call assignments for the sales group. The managers will be able to track each lead all the way through the sales cycle. You will know what your sales group is doing or not doing. You will know which stage of the sale each sales person may need help with. You will be able to project your "sales pipe-line" with our adjusted sales funnel.
Create campaigns for your reps with our Campaign manager and follow its progress to the end of the sale. This is outstanding Marketing software. You can import leads into our database and start a new campaign in minutes.
Create custom groups with our List manager and use these lists to generate campaigns. You can create a list for Christmas cards, invites to Christmas party, invites to Golf tournament, buys widget A, came from trade show A, etc...
Our Project tracking module allows you to track the status and profits for each of your jobs. With our Job tracking capability there will be no more guessing. Track time, labor, materials, and equipment costs. Create change orders and Generate invoices as needed.
Our software can connect to QuickBooks. With QuickBooks integration we can automate batched invoices, push data to and from QuickBooks, and give your employees current accounts payable information. Many customers complain that they have to enter the same customer information three or four times into different applications. Since our CRM solution works with QuickBooks this redundant input is reduced.
We can automate daily, weekly or monthly invoice batching for you. With the click of a button one or thousands of invoices can be generated in our application. With the click of another button we can export those invoices to QuickBooks®.
Print, email or export to Word custom merge letters with the click of a button. We have a template generator that will allow you to take the content from all of your commonly used Word documents. These templates will auto merge the customer and sales rep information. The generation of these templates can also be recorded as a "touch" for this contact. Custom word merges and permanent customer document storage is available.
Proposal Generator add-on. Create beautiful multi-page proposals in 3 minutes. You just choose which introduction, customer wins, products, about us, why buy from us, closings from separate list boxes and the proposal is generated in seconds. Our Proposal Generator, Sales Funnel, and Project Manager are all linked together. Meaning the transition from proposal to project management is a snap.

Our Computer software can be modified. We can add your custom functionality to the application. No two companies or industries are the same and we would never presume to know your business better than you. So, we are able to modify and or add new functionality to our applications as needed. We are able to offer a 100% solution to most of your needs.

We feel that our Contact manager is the tool that no business should be without.

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